Thursday, 17 March 2016

Stop Scheduled Emails from Google Analytics

Possibly the most hidden feature ever? Not to mention changing every release... The information below refers to the version of GA as of March 2016 (also known as "the new-new-version").

Admin > VIEW > Scheduled Emails

  1. Click "Admin" from the menu at the top.
    1. Select the right "ACCOUNT" from the Account column.
    2. Select the right "PROPERTY" from the Property column.
    3. Select the right "VIEW" from the View column.
  2. Select "Scheduled Emails" from  under the View column.
    1. Below the "PERSONAL TOOLS & ASSETS" section!
  3. Now scroll back up. (Yes, it's that well hidden!)
  4. Select "Actions".
  5. Select "Delete".
  6. Confirm.

Dear Google! Was this designed by a Microsoft engineer?

May I suggest that the email itself should contain a link that takes you directly to step 3 (assuming you have the right privileges to see that page) or a simple 'unsubscribe' link for users that don't.