Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Dawn of a new age or return to the Dark Ages?

Dear Drs. Xxxx and Xxxxx,

We write to alert you to a recent publication in Nature Genetics in which sequence data do not appear to have been correctly submitted to the public databases of the International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration ( in accordance with established best practice in the scientific community, or were missed to be cited as such.

We wish to remind you of the immense immediate and long-term value of having data deposited in the permanent public databases of record and of the significant convenience for the readers of Nature Publishing Group to be able to access systematically the data that underlie the studies about which they are reading. In addition, we refer you to the 'availability of data, material and methods' page and the 'Mandates for specific datasets' section of your instructions to authors in relation to availability of nucleotide sequences associated with publications:

In Xxx Xxxx et al., there is reference to the genomes of xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx xxxxxxx varieties xxxx and xxx and a wild xxxxxxxxx relative Xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx variety xxx. Associated RNA-Seq raw reads as well as genome assembly and annotation are all reported to be available from a non-INSDC website.

We encourage you as a lead author to provide any missing data from INSDC databases that is associated with this publication and recommend that Nature Publishing Group ensures data submission to one of the databases of the INSDC prior to publication and require data release no later than the time of publication, with full citation of INSDC-issued accession numbers in the manuscript.


Xxxxx Xxxx on behalf of International Nucleotide Database Collaboration

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